Functional caracteristics :
Blade retractable panels, allows clearing of all types of snow with a Robust security on mountain roads.

Each panel has 4 elements vulkolan deformable having very good shape memory back to their original positions after passing an obstacle. The panels can overcome obstacles without damaging the structure of the blade and they fit the profile of the road. These blades are very quiet labor, no vibration is transmitted to the vehicle chassis.

Hooves to wear steel or polyurethane (optional) 360 degrees, relieves wear steel blade 400 brinells. It is possible to mount a base rubber instead of steel. End of hooves can lean against sidewalks and curbs without damaging the body blades.
The blade body is reinforced polyethylene and ensures perfect gliding snow thereon. The curvature of the blade is specially designed to prevent the snow and wind up projections of snow against the windshield of the vehicle.

The blade body is connected to the parallelogram by two spherical bearings for orientation and a large lift under the action of a double acting cylinder. The blade also has a vibration system to track changes in slope of the road.
The blades are equipped with signaling LEDS, in accordance with standard

Technical caracteristics :


PER 270

PER 300

PER 340

PER 400

Overall lenght of the blade

2.70 m

3.00 m

3.40 m

4.00 m

Cleared width

2.30 m

2.60 m

2.95 m

3.45 m


0.90 m

0.90 m

0.90 m

0.90 m

Center of gravity

0.78 m

0.78 m

0.78 m

0.78 m


1.60 m

1.60 m

1.60 m

1.60 m

Weight with coupling plate

520 kg

680 kg

780 kg

900 kg