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Functional caracteristics :
Blade RR with its special rubber base 30 mm, allows snow to slush or treated with salt. It helps to clear snow from city streets and mountain road up. The rubber base ensures a good scraping while avoiding collision with obstacles such as manhole covers, manholes or threshold gates. It is possible to mount a base polyurethane instead of rubber (optional).

The blade body is made of polyethylene and ensures perfect gliding snow. The curve of the blade is specifically designed for snow and wind to avoid maximum projections of snow against the windshield of the vehicle.

The blade is connected to the parallelogram by two ball joints allowing orientation, consisting of two telescopic cylinders SE, in order to reduce stress on the blade body and a large lift under the action of a double acting cylinder. The blade also has a vibration system to track changes in slope of the road.

The blades are equipped with signaling LEDS, in accordance with standard NFP-98-795.

Technical caracteristics :

RR 250
RR 280
RR 300
RR 320
RR 340
Overall lenght of the blade
2,50 m
2,80 m
3,00 m
3,20 m
3,40 m
Cleared width
2,15 m
2,40 m
2,60 m
2,75 m
2,95 m
Height with steel base
0,80 m
0,80 m
0,80 m
0,80 m
0,80 m
Center of gravity
0,85 m
0,85 m
0,85 m
0,85 m
0,85 m
1,28 m
1,28 m
1,28 m
1,28 m
1,28 m
weight with coupling plate
270 kg
290 kg
320 kg
330 kg
340 kg